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Security solutions

Ceratec is an all-round security installer, specialised in burglary protection, camera surveillance, fire detection, firepro and access control.

Personalised approach

We always take your individual needs into account. Before we install your security system, we first conduct an in-depth risk analysis, where we discuss all the options with you. That means you can be sure that your security installation is completely tailored to your needs.

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Our solutions in
Security solutions

Burglary protection

We first visit your site, without obligation

Before we design a custom protection solution, we always visit your site to thoroughly analyse the risks. Numerous issues are addressed:

  • Which parts of the building or entrances are vulnerable to burglars (for example, hidden from the street, balconies, windows, etc.)?

  • How is the company building used and at what...

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Camera surveillance

Ceratec is your guarantee for total service. Every project we carry out begins with an extensive conversation with the customer, taking into account the environmental factors in and around the building, the needs of the customer and your reasons for wanting camera surveillance. We install complete turnkey solutions and provide 24/7 technical assistance or maintenance contracts.

Why use camera...

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Fire detection

Smoke alarms and fire alarms operate 24 hours a day and are therefore faster and more reliable at detecting a fire than someone who happens to be in the neighbourhood. It is important that fire is detected rapidly in order to limit harm or worse to people and to protect equipment as much as possible.

What do we do?
  • Smoke detectors (optical)

  • Fire detectors (heat detection -...

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Access control

An access control system restricts access to your building and only allows entrance to people authorised by you. Electronic access control replaces keys with a programmable data carrier, such as a badge, key card, smartphone, fingerprint or iris scan.

Advantages of electronic access control
  • Changes can be made online, remotely and in real-time

  • If a...

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