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Burglary protection

We first visit your site, without obligation

Before we design a custom protection solution, we always visit your site to thoroughly analyse the risks. Numerous issues are addressed:

  • Which parts of the building or entrances are vulnerable to burglars (for example, hidden from the street, balconies, windows, etc.)?

  • How is the company building used and at what times?

  • Where are the safe or other valuables located?

A tailor-made protection solution

On the basis of our thorough risk analysis, we elaborate a highly-detailed protection solution. This solution consists of volumetric protection (motion sensors), possibly in combination with perimeter protection.

Our technical proposal describes in detail as to how we will protect the various parts of your business premises and the equipment we will use.

We always look for the most discrete solution for installing cabling. Wireless or hybrid alarm systems are also possible.

Perimeter protection

  • Motion sensors
  • Infra-red
  • PIR/MW

Perimetric security

  • Glass breakage detectuib
  • Magnetic contacts on windows and doors
  • Site securtiy
  • Thermal cameras

Alarm on detection

  • Indoor and outdoor sirens
  • Mist generator
  • Phone alert, alerts via mobile phone or IP

Connection to a control room

You will receive a no-obligation proposal to connect your alarm system to a control room. If an alarm goes off, the central dispatch service enters into action.

Before possibly calling in the emergency services, the control room will contact you on your landline or mobile number and inform you about which sensors and detectors were triggered. After this personal contact, a decision is made about calling the emergency services.

There are other advantages to connecting your alarm system to a control room:

  • Power cuts are permanently monitored, which is useful when you are away.

  • The batteries in the alarm system are also monitored.

  • A code for for robbery or panic (covert distress signal) is another option.

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