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Camera surveillance

Ceratec is your guarantee for total service. Every project we carry out begins with an extensive conversation with the customer, taking into account the environmental factors in and around the building, the needs of the customer and your reasons for wanting camera surveillance. We install complete turnkey solutions and provide 24/7 technical assistance or maintenance contracts.

Why use camera surveillance??

  • Monitoring and security of buildings and grounds (indoors and outdoors)

  • Burglary protection and deterrence

  • Access control

  • Control of production processes

  • Identification of suspects

  • Number plate recognition

Applied technologies

HDCVI technology

This uses existing coaxial cabling, where we can upgrade the resolution of 4CIF (704 x 480 pixels) to 4 Mp (2,240 x 1,680 pixels), simply by replacing the recording device and the camera. This entails considerable savings on new cabling.

IP technology

IP cameras use UTP cabling. TCP/IP combined with UTP cabling provides a large bandwidth, allowing the transmission and storage of high-resolution images (4 to 12 Mp).

This excellent image quality offers many benefits in terms of face recognition, number plate recognition, clear control of production processes, etc.

IP cameras are also being increasingly used in fire detection, where specific video processing can distinguish between smoke, dust and steam.

Thermal cameras

This technology includes protecting car parks, where cameras can now distinguish between people and animals on the basis of heat detection.

Thermal cameras are also used to detect fire and flames.

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