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Access control

An access control system restricts access to your building and only allows entrance to people authorised by you. Electronic access control replaces keys with a programmable data carrier, such as a badge, key card, smartphone, fingerprint or iris scan.

Advantages of electronic access control

  • Changes can be made online, remotely and in real-time

  • If a carrier is lost or stolen, you are able to immediately disable it and remove it from the system

  • Economical: no more hassle with replacing locks

  • Badges are difficult to copy

  • Each action is recorded and saved by the software

  • Permanently flexible, both during and after building work

  • Only 1 carrier needed per person


An electronic access control system is the perfect way to secure access to your building. Access levels limit people’s access to certain rooms, which may also be linked to a certain period of time.

If a staff member is given a new position, all you have to do is update the software and new doors will literally open for him or her. If a badge is being misused, you can always request a detailed report via the software.

Integration with our other security systems

Our access control systems may be integrated with alarm systems, camera surveillance, time registration, or digital locking systems.

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