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Prefab wall solutions

Ceratec proposes high-quality automated prefabricated wall units for different types of building materials (clay, silicate, concrete, sand-lime or aerated concrete bricks), for structural wall production as well as facing wall facilities.
Due to the modular design of our lines, we can easily adapt to customer needs.
Thus, Ceratec creates a synergy between state-of-the-art mechanical engineering and construction companies.

Key advantages of prefab

  • Weather-independent production in centralized manufacturing facilities.
  • Consistently high quality.
  • Cost savings through a significant reduction in construction time.
  • Accurate cost calculation of manufacturing expenses.
  • Possibility of depth of finish through pre-installation of electrical and plumbing components.
  • Counter skilled worker shortage.
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Our solutions in
Prefab wall solutions

Fully automated

Maximal flexibility and output, designed for large production plants of structural walls.

The wall element is produced to the exact length including gaps or cut-outs. The production of gables, window and door openings is seamlessly integrated into the process.

Ceratec supplies the complete production line, including the software, the on-site installation and testing, and the training of your staff.


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Modular robotic set-up

The optimal in-between solution for structural walls, with flexible extension options.

The intelligent use of the latest robot and control technology enables the automated, precisely positioned feeding and setting of bricks and accessories (lintels etc.): grid-aligned or by combining products with different lenghts.

When necessary, products can be cut to the desired lengths, using...

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Basic automation set-up

Maximum versatility for mortar and adhesives in structural walls up to 4 m high.

The different layers are placed manually, but with fully automatic application of mortar or adhesive.

Machine data - key facts
  • Type of building materials: clay bricks, sand-lime bricks, concrete blocks, aerated concrete blocks
  • Joint: mortar or adhesive
  • Production output: 100 -...

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Facing walls

A fully automated prefab wall facility for facing bricks consists typically out of following zones