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Fully automated

Maximal flexibility and output, designed for large production plants of structural walls.

The wall element is produced to the exact length including gaps or cut-outs. The production of gables, window and door openings is seamlessly integrated into the process.

Ceratec supplies the complete production line, including the software, the on-site installation and testing, and the training of your staff.

When integrating third-party components, we use European high-quality original brands.

We pay particular attention to securing the elements for transport (lifting anchors, strapping system, …).

Machine data - key facts

  • Type of building materials: (insulated) clay bricks, sand-lime bricks, concrete blocks, aerated concrete blocks
  • Joint: mortar or adhesive
  • Production output: 400 - 640 m² per 8 h shift Wall thicknesses: 9 - 50 cm
  • Max. wall height: 3,75 m
  • Max. wall length: 12 m


A fully automated prefab wall facility typically consists out of following zones

  • Buffer for pallets and setting machine
  • Preparation zone with distribution robot and cutting
  • Setting robots
  • Wall supports moving system
  • Cutting/sawing system and inspection
  • Waste zone
  • Packaging area
  • Finishing stations
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