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Modular robotic set-up

The optimal in-between solution for structural walls, with flexible extension options.

The intelligent use of the latest robot and control technology enables the automated, precisely positioned feeding and setting of bricks and accessories (lintels etc.): grid-aligned or by combining products with different lenghts.

When necessary, products can be cut to the desired lengths, using waterjet technology or dry cutting.

This increased degree of automation results in a further reduction of personnel costs as well as a constant output during the manufacturing process.


Machine data - key facts

  • Type of building materials: clay bricks, sand-lime bricks, concrete blocks, aerated concrete blocks
  • Joint: mortar or adhesive
  • Production output: 250 m² per 8 h shift
  • Wall thicknesses: 9 - 50 cm
  • Max. wall height: 3,5 m
  • Max. wall length: 12 m

In collaboration with our partner Rimatem.

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