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Building materials

We offer solutions for a wide range of building materials in:  

  • sand-lime brick 
  • concrete stone 
  • brick slips 
  • insulation materials 
  • Cement fiber based 
  • New developments in building materials 
  • CO2 neutral building materials 
  • Combined building materials solutions 

 100 years of experience 

Ceratec started as a spin-off from a brickyard group founded in the 1920s. Thus, we are proud to have almost 100 years of experience in creative brick making technology. 

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Our solutions in
Building materials

Building materials processing

We ensure the process and handling of all kinds of building materials. 

Ceratec also invests in the development of: 

  • Energy efficient solutions...

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Handling machines

Apart from integrating standard equipment, we can also design and manufacture tailor-made solutions that meet your handling needs. 

Our customers can rely...

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