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Thermal process

Thermal process drying

Ceratec supplies chamber dryerstunnel dryers and rapid drying systems with air mixing systems to perfectly control temperature, humidity and air aggressiveness during the drying process. 

Additional solutions we offer: 

  • Low speed air 
  • Superheated steam dryer 
  • Drying tests in mobile lab 

Our Ceraview software provides advanced supervision control for process optimization and minimal energy consumption. 

Read more on our dryer car handling systems.

Thermal process firing

We build tunnel kilns and integrate roller and shuttle kilns.  

Thanks to our experience and know-how, we can also refurbish kilns, standardize equipment, increase efficiency, reduce energy costs and improve product quality. 

We perform firing tests in our mobile lab. 

Use of solid fuels is possible with our Solid Fuel Firing System. 

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