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Intralogistic solutions

Optimization of goods flow in a production environment or warehouse, through the integration, combination and automation of standard concepts, from incoming goods to warehouse, from production areas and final assembly to order picking and shipping.

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Intralogistic solutions

Automatic warehouses

We help you fully optimize your warehouse for fast order picking and optimal use of space.

Automated pallet warehouse

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Loop solutions

Where high capacity is demanded, we can propose a loop system where we can reach up to 400 p in and out/hour.

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Conveyors are optimized for transporting a wide variety of products, boxes, or pallets.

Ceratec supplies pre-assembled free-rolling or driven conveyors, designed by our own engineering department and reinforced by the supplier.

This means we can install conveyors in conditions where extra durability is required; dusty or extremely hot or cold environments or where heavy items must be transported.

The modular...

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Automated guided vehicles (AGV) or Intelligent Guided Vehicles (AIV) are unmanned vehicles that move your transport load and materials around within your logistics or production environment.

  • A classic AGV is limited by its predetermined route. To navigate, they use laser guidance.
  • The new generation of AIV can calculate its own route, detect obstacles and surround them autonomously. This...

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WCS software

A warehouse control system (WCS) is the “traffic cop” for the warehouse. It provides a uniform interface to a broad range of material handling equipment such as AS/RS, carousels, conveyor systems, sorters, palletizers, etc. 

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