Ceratec group Electrical installations

Our solutions in
Industrial automation

Automation & process control

  • Process automation
  • Design and build drive and automation cabinets
  • Industrial automation networks.
  • Regulators / Drives / Servomotors.
  • PLC / DCS
  • Displays – Supervision
  • Historian
  • ATEX

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Supervision & HMI

Supervision systems give a general overview of the production line or process control: product monitoringstock management and traceability.

What do we do?
  • Help draw up specifications
  • Elaborate instrumentation lists in relation to PIDs
  • Elaborate and avalidate control loops
  • Coordinate the various stakeholders...

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Machine safety

  • Riks assessment
  • Monitoring of compliance with machine safety standards
  • Adaptation to meet electrical and mechanical standards
  • Improvement of work posts to reduce heavy labour
  • Training of operators and maintenance technicians

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