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Clay processing

We accompany you from clay extraction to your fired product.

Ceratec also invests in the development of: 

  • Consumption reduction solutions such as cogeneration, heat exchanger or low speed flow in kilns. 
  • CO2-neutral solutions. 
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Our solutions in
Clay processing

Clay preparation

  • Clay preparation lines (clay-reception, clay storage, souring, post-storage mixing line.) 
  • Clay grinding lines 
  • Standard modular belt conveyor systems 
  • Supervision software Ceraview  
  • Automatic humidity control 
  • Clay analysis and granolometry  

Our equipment is...

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Clay shaping

Ceratec supplies the production lines required for the shaping of wet and stiff ceramic products. 

  • Extrusion or hand moulding units 
  • Cutting devices 
  • Texturing and sanding 
  • Roof tile (accessories) presses 
  • Glazing and engobing...

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Ceratec supplies chamber dryers, tunnel dryers and rapid drying systems with air mixing systems to perfectly control temperature, humidity and air aggressiveness during the drying process. 

Our Ceraview software provides advanced supervision control for process optimisation and minimal energy consumption.

Waste heat...

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Heat Pumps

Recovering Waste Heat: An Asset for Your Business Heat Pump Principle

Heat pumps extract energy from a cold stream, increase its temperature, and release this energy to a hot stream. The heat pump operates based on a carrier fluid (refrigerant) that changes state (liquid/gas) in a continuous cycle and absorbs and releases heat (Carnot cycle).

Feasibility Study

CERATEC offers you a...

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We build tunnel kilns and integrate roller and shuttle kilns.  

Thanks to our experience and know-how, we can also refurbish kilns, standardize equipment, increase efficiency, reduce energy costs and improve product quality. 

We perform firing tests in our mobile lab. 
Use of solid fuels is possible with our Solid Fuel Firing System. 

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To control the good running of regulation processes, we propose graphical interfaces, such as animated graphics, indicators, instantaneous and contextualized firing/ drying curves. 


We use the Ceraview supervision software for our process monitoring. 
We offer 24|24 h assistance for automation & software. 

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