Ceratec group


Ceratec has its own workshops for both metalworking and electrical sign construction. We also perform turning, milling and welding work for B2B customers as a subcontractor.

Workshop cabinetry

In the sign building workshop, the electrical cabinets for all our projects are made in-house from A to Z.

In the preparation phase, grids and tubes are placed, among other things.

This is also where you will find the Perforex to drill the necessary holes in the electrical cabinets, and the Komax installation to make lettered cable bundles.

Workshop metalworking and plant construction

From a complete 3D production file, we start manufacturing the parts of the plant.


Ceratec has extensive machinery to make most of its necessary parts in-house:

  • We CNC-turn metal
    • Up to 400 mm diameter : max. length 6000 mm
    • Diameter 401-710 mm: max. length3000 m
  • We CNC-mill lengths up tot 7000 mm; widths up to 2200 mm; hights up to 1500 mm
Welding workshop

Everything comes together in the welding department. Our team consists of 20 experienced welders led by an international welding engineer (IWE). They mainly work with a semi-automatic machine but are able to apply all welding techniques flawlessly. At Ceratec, each welder completes his own piece. Our welding work already conforms to the EN1090 standard, the official certification procedure is underway.