Ceratec group


In our engineering department as many as 100 colleagues work together according to the mechatronics principle, and they take further steps towards industry 4.0 every day.

Ceratec has 4 specialized design offices, each consisting of a multidisciplinary team of experts, engineers, draftsmen and programmers.

These study offices are supported in their core tasks by a team of Machine safety experts, and CAD/PLM specialists.

  • Process engineering
    Our specialists within the thermal process (drying plants, furnace technology, process control), wagon transport systems and bulk transport of clay products.
  • Handling & robotics engineering
    Product handling - Robot & 3D vision programming – Drives – Cranes
  • Intralogistics engineering
    Shuttles & logistic solutions - AGV - Software applications (WCS)
  • Electrical design engineering