Ceratec group

Assembly and testing

Workshop cabinetry

Once the necessary preparations are behind us, we begin wiring the power distribution cabinets or MCCs based on drawn plans. For this, we often use these modular and flexible systems:

  • Siemens Sivacon S4/S8
  • Schneider PRISMA
  • CUBIC: Can be equipped with equipment of different brands
  • Rittal: Can be equipped with equipment of different brands

In a separate test zone, all cabinets are thoroughly tested before they leave for the customer.

Workshop metalworking and plant construction

Once all the parts are made or purchased, we begin assembling and wiring the system in the large assembly hall:

  • 10m height under the rolling bridge
  • Lifting capacity of overhead crane: 25 tons

For installations that have to meet strict HSE requirements (e.g., for pharmaceutical or cosmetic companies), we set up a clean room.

We then test the control and programming down to the smallest details so that start-up takes as little time as possible.

The end point is the FAT (factory acceptance test) with the customer.

We make it a point that the employees who did the indoor assembly will later also install and operate the installation at the customer's site.