Ceratec group

Our history

Our history

Owing to the increasing diversification of our activities and the rise of electronics and IT, the automation and electrical engineering divisions became very important.

In 1991, this led to the creation of Ceratec Electrotechnics. We quickly openen branches in Doornik (1995) and Olsene (2004). In 2011, we opened our branch in Northern France.

As of January 1, 2020, the 2 companies will join forces and continue as 1 company, with 3 core markets: heavy clay solutions, handling & intralogistics, electrical installations.

  •  1927: Rémi De Bruyn takes over a farm-cum-brickworks and calls his small rural enterprise 'Briqueteries du Progrès', later the Brickworks of Ploegsteert.
  • At the beginning of the eighties of the last century, the brickyards group started with machine construction, partly to guarantee the continuity of the brickyards in all circumstances, partly to be able to always work with first-class material.
  • This machine building department becomes independent in 1986. The company Ceratec is born.
  • 1991: Creation of Ceratec electrotechnics nv.
  • 1995: Opening of the Tournai branch
  • 2004: opening of the Olsene . branch
  • 2011: Ceratec SAS is born, and settles in Templemars (Northern France)
  • 2020: merger of Ceratec and Ceratec electrotechnics into Ceratec nv