Production line for prefabricated products


The automated prefabricated brick wall production line, Verbo, is completely developed and built by Ceratec, the ceramics sector specialist.

The new production line has 2 units:

1. Wall mounting machine

  • Walls are built from sized blocks, to strive for accuracy right from the start.
  • The walls are built by means of a robot, which unpiles bricks and transfers them on a conveyor belt until a full layer is built. Every time a full layer is built - and before the next layer is put in place - a layer of adhesive is added. This process goes on until the actual wall is created.

2. Contour cutting unit

  • To guarantee the accuracy of the completed walls, the ones that are too long are sized in the cutting unit by means of water cutting. This can be both cutting the length of the wall as well as sizing or positioning doors and window openings to meet the customers' requirements.

In addition, Ceratec also invented and constructed the whole logistics network of the new production line: both transport between the different production-units as well as the logistic control of the buffering zone with the charged carriages ready for delivery on site.

The difficulties of this project:

  • Accuracy, which must be guaranteed at all times
  • Customization: each project is different
  • Automatic adaptation required, depending on the thickness, height and length

Ceratec succeeded in meeting these requirements thanks to its own development and elaboration of the production lines and its special in-house created software.