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Partnership CERATEC - CLEIA

As announced last December, Ceratec and Cleia have decided to join forces and develop financial and technical synergies between both companies, in the best interest of their respective Customers.

In order to secure this strategic consolidation, Ceratec took a majority stake into Cleia. However, Cleia and Ceratec stay independent and will be autonomous as Cleia's management is being kept by its key employees through their holding company. This independence and the implication of the management is one of the reason of their success, this is why Cleia and Ceratec wished to preserve it.

Cleia and Ceratec will therefore keep their specificities and remain competitors ; however, technical, operational and R&D synergies will be developed in order to improve engineering solutions for both entities.

Strategy will be developed jointly, one of the first successes is today materialized in the takeover of Ceric.

Ceratec and Cleia thus want to confirm their role as a reliable and innovative partner for the producers of clay products.

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