New kiln for facing bricks & clinkers

Vande Moortel

In 2018, Ceratec built in Belgium, for Vande Moortel, to replace a CERIC tunnel kiln, a suspended vault kiln made of refractory parts and brick walls, for the 'top-down' firing of facing bricks and clinkers (cast bricks). 

The kiln, with a channel width of 4 m and a length of approximately 105 m, is equipped with 68 high velocity side jet burners, as well as 3 rows of flashing burners.

The quality of the refractory and insulating materials makes it possible to reach baking temperatures between 1060 °C and 1120 °C, depending on the product. 

The operation of the kiln is managed by its CERAVIEW software package.

In the same year, Ceratec built 2 drying chambers for the same customer, fitting into its existing building.