Loading of U cassettes for roof tiles

Imerys Toiture

Imerys Toiture: Phalempin (FR)

A new belt conveyor brings the parcels of tiles to a robot, type Fanuc R2000/165F. The lifting tables allow to:

  • Place the packages at the correct distance for placement in the U cassettes
  • A correct picking of the parcels by the robot

Center the U cassettes lengthwise by reversing the direction of travel against a stop. The U cassettes are centered lengthwise at the place of loading.

The 6-axis robot takes 2 packs of roof tiles at 280mm spacing. Once in one direction and the next time in the other direction, and place them upright or upside down in the U cassettes. A mobile finger allows the slope of the roof tile. A cleaner has also been placed in front of the U cassettes.