Complete renovation of a wastewater treatment plant

As a subcontractor of the Besix-Hegeman joint venture, Ceratec was responsable for the following renovation:

  • Electrical panels
  • The wiring
  • PLC control, programming & supervision

The project started in 2016, and was accomplished mid-2019.
The implementation was done in phases, alternating with min. 2 to max. 10 people on site.
Throughout the duration of the project, the treatment plant continued to operate.

Sustainability is key in this project: the aim is to purify wastewater in an energy neutral manner.

The sludge that remains after the treatment is heated. This fermentation releases biogas. On the one hand, this gas is sold to Heineken, which uses it to operate their boiler. On the other hand, we deliver to the waste department of ’s-Hertogenbosch which uses the fuel for their fleet of trucks.