Automatic pallet transport process

Groep ConHexa

Dunfrost is a cold storage warehouse in the port of Dunkirk (FR) with a capacity of 22 000 pallets. The pallet transport, which consists of 3 streams managed by the warehouse management system (WMS) and the warehouse control system (WCS), was automated by Ceratec.

The WMS indicates the required destination and the WCS drives the PLC to make sure that pallets arrive at the right place at the right time.

In the first stream, pallets enter and are automatically directed to various roller conveyors, where their heights and weights are checked. Each pallet is then assigned a label and barcode which indicate its exact destination. The first lift takes each pallet to its destination (freezer, order zone or picking zone).

The outflow is coordinated by an operator who automatically sends the pallets from the freezer to the elevator using the WMS and WCS system. They are then taken to the loading dock, repackaging zone or picking zone.

The stream of pallets from the picking zone is arranged similarly; they are sent to either the freezer, quay, or repackaging zone.