Ceratec invests in industry 4.0

The board construction works invests in new tools!

With the arrival of some new tools, industry 4.0 goals its entry in the electrical design office and board construction works of Ceratec. 

We recently use the lay-out conception of electrical boards, and we have decided to switch to the EPLAN Pro Panel. In 2017, we began to train our electrical designers to this software. It was furthermore important to spread our library in order to be able to design in 3D. While working with EPLAN Pro Panel, if we effectively allow a little more time to the engineering and board design, we'll widely recover this time at mechanical shaping of the boards. 

For the mechanical preparation of boards and assembly plates, we use the manufacturing Perforex center of Rittal. The machine completely prepares a receptacle in order to integrate all its components by making drilling, reaming and tapping. 

In September, this process will continue with the arrival of the processing machine for Komax cable. The information of Pro Panel will serve to automatically cut wires at the right measure, to strip them, to crimp them and to print them. This investment will result in a clear increase of the profitability, and thanks to it, profiles to technical techniques can effectively cable and equip boards.