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Drying & firing


The drying process is a very important step to obtain top quality end products. Depending on the type of wet products Ceratec proposes different energy saving solutions, e.g. the optimal use of hot air available from the kiln.
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Since taking over a kiln building company in 1987, Ceratec has kept on with the construction of traditional tunnel kilns using simple and reliable technology. Our experience and expertise allows us to refurbish kilns, to standardise equipment, increase output, reduce energy costs and improve product quality. The operation of the kiln is monitored through our Ceraview supervision system.
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Car handling

Flexibility and reliability are essential in dryer and kiln car transportation systems. Ceratec therefore offers the customer an extensive and full range of handling equipment. The Ceratec know-how results from many years experience, and is continually updated to incorporate new techniques.
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Wienerberger, Smeed Dean (United-Kingdom)

Brickmaking plant / Dryer and kilns / Handling on the ground read more

Steinzeug Keramo

Transversal band carriages for baked ceramic vitrified clay pipes. read more

Monier (Signy l’Abbaye) – Drying & Firing

2 new drying chambers for tile accessories. read more